Gasification Solutions focuses on adding value to municipal and regional economies, utilizing  technology as a tool for power cogeneration, reducing demands on municipal landfill and economic utilization of surplus wood fiber.

Gasification is a great source for renewable energy while reducing waste


Gasification insures not only a cost effective and environmentally friendly power, but also provide a unique tool for cities, counties and corporations to act as stewards to the environment, reclaiming vital resources otherwise lost to the by-products of human and industrial waste.

Gasification is gaining in popularity and may join wind and hydropower in the pantheon of clean, renewable energy.  Gasification, a set of chemical reactions that uses limited oxygen to convert a carbon-containing feedstock into a synthetic gas, or syngas.

It sounds like combustion, but it’s not. Combustion uses an abundance of oxygen to produce heat and light by burning. Gasification uses only a tiny amount of oxygen, which is combined with steam and cooked under intense pressure. This initiates a series of reactions that produces a gaseous mixture composed primarily of carbon monoxide and hydrogen. This syngas can be burned directly or used as a starting point to manufacture fertilizers, pure hydrogen, methane or liquid transportation fuels.